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Designers Hub

Designers Hub - a networking place!

In today's era, interaction and connectivity are crucial keys that unlock every door of opportunity. For the design community, this need becomes more important than ever. Amid shared workspaces, Designers Hub stands out as an ideal 'meeting point,' not only as a workplace but also as a powerful networking hub.

Prime Location at the Creative Center

Designers Hub is located at the heart of C.space, a development centered around materials and construction equipment. This not only helps designers easily access supply sources and draw inspiration from tangible products but also creates a unique space where ideas not only exist on paper but are also realized in reality.

Networking and Meetings: Design Community and Investors

Designers Hub is not just an individual workspace but also a meeting point for the design community, suppliers, and investors. Every year, C.space welcomes numerous investors and suppliers from both local and international markets—an ideal and unique opportunity only available at Designers Hub. Regular networking events and parties here open up collaboration opportunities. Joining the Designers Hub community is an ideal chance as it connects you with this vibrant community.

Specialized Facilities for the Design Community

Designers Hub is more than just a shared workspace. We provide various specialized facilities catering to design work. Here, you can access high-quality meeting rooms, rendering rooms, servers, and extremely spacious areas to facilitate comfortable creativity. Additionally, Designers Hub regularly hosts programs, workshops, and special events to enhance skills and knowledge within the community.
With its prime location and distinctive facilities, Designers Hub not only helps designers bring ideas to life but also brings them closer to business opportunities and personal growth. Designers Hub is where talents meet, ideas come to life, and creativity continually spreads.

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